There be dragons in new Power Rangers Asian release posters and banners

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May 11, 2017

Director Dean Israelite's Power Rangers may have mostly ended its domestic run with a disappointing total haul of $85 million, but there are even greater lands of opportunity to conquer when the sci-fi fantasy spectacle opens in China and Japan.

The behemoth Chinese release comes first this weekend, with the Japanese debut arriving on June 15. To capitalize on the cultural differences and mythological preferences, the international marketing wizards have cooked up this spectacular pageant of Asian-themed advertisements to push Power Rangers into sequel-greenlighting territory.

Besides the new one-sheet and individual dino-zord posters, this ad assault includes character banners illustrating a menagerie of legendary beasts swapped out for their gigantic dino pals, including Red Ranger (Dragon), Yellow Ranger (Tiger,) Blue Ranger (Qilin), Pink Ranger (Phoenix), and Black Ranger (Tortoise and a Snake) pictured with their accompanying creatures.

Soar into these beautiful new posters in the gallery below and tell us if you think this Asian campaign could help kick Lionsgate's Power Rangers into the box-office stratosphere.

(Via CBM)

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