There can be only none: Ryan Reynolds ALSO leaves that Highlander reboot

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Jun 18, 2013, 11:56 AM EDT (Updated)

Director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (28 Weeks Later) left the Highlander reboot this past November over "creative differences," and now it's main star Ryan Reynolds (Green Lantern) turn to leave the flick.

The Wrap reports that Reynolds has now left Summit Entertainment’s highly anticipated reboot of the beloved sci-fi franchise.

Which means the film’s right back where it started: with no director and no star attached. Bummer.

The site states “Reynold’s exit may actually prove beneficial for the project, as a new director will be able to cast a new leading man rather than inherit a previous filmmaker's decision.”

We don't know about Ryan Reynolds' talent for accents, but hopefully they can get a new leading man who can do a passable Scottish brogue. (Don't get us wrong, we loved Christopher Lambert in the original, but his accent was anything but Scottish.)

Reynolds was set to play Connor McLeod, the sword-wielding Scottish immortal who faced off against the evil and brutal barbarian Kurgan who lusted for the immortals’ fabled “Prize,” cutting heads of fellow immortals left and right.

The original flick also starred Clancy Brown as Kurgan and Sean Connery as Ramirez, McLeod’s mentor.

Where they can be only one, now there can be only none. Do you think it’s a good thing that Ryan Reynolds has departed the Highlander reboot?

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