There is now an official line of DC and Marvel suits, and they're actually not terrible

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Aug 25, 2016, 11:25 AM EDT

Yes, on the surface, it sounds like cross-promotion run amok. But man, despite the long odds, these are actually pretty darn cool.

FUN Suits is launching a collection of Marvel- and DC-inspired suits, for if you want to show off your geek pride while still looking surprisingly sharp. They’re broken down into two categories — Alter Ego and Secret Identity — with some being blatantly comic-book-y, and the others being discretely geeky.

The suits run the gamut of heroes and villains, hitting Batman, Superman, Captain America, Thor, The Joker, The Hulk and a few others. Some of these are certainly subtle enough to actually wear to an office job (i.e. color scheme, inside patterns, etc.), while the Alter Ego designs might be pushing things a bit too far for an office setting. But still, cool. If you're looking to rock one of these bad boys, it'll set you back between $249-$349 per suit.

Check out a gallery of some of the cooler designs below and let us know what you think: