'There might not be any hope' in latest Walking Dead S4 footage

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Sep 13, 2013

Over four minutes of new Walking Dead footage just dropped, giving us out best look yet at the upcoming fourth season. Want to see?

Featuring a boatload of footage, chopped up with some of the first on-camera interviews with new showrunner Scott Gimple, the new trailer definitely got our blood pumping to see how the series will reinvent itself this year.

First up, things are moving forward — like, six months forward. Also, there are a ton of new faces to go along with the new-look prison. There are also a lot of zombies, which looks to be a nice return to form.

We also get our best look yet at how post-Woodbury life is progressing at the prison, from Carol’s class on knife-fighting to Carl’s new group of pals. Plus, Tyreese looks like he’ll be getting into a pretty hairy situation involving a hammer ...

If nothing else, the writers are definitely playing up the mysteries, which could be an interesting twist for the series. So, while we wait for the Oct. 13 premiere date, check out the new footage below and let us know what you think:

(Via TV Line)

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