There’s a piece of the Death Star on eBay right now, for real

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May 27, 2018

That’s no moon. But it is the real Death Star. There are many versions of Vader’s iconic space station floating out there. Think pillows, soaps, jewelry, the obligatory Lego model, a phone charger, and just about everything else you can possibly imagine. Now one real hardcore Star Wars fan can get their hands (or alien appendages) on a piece of the actual movie prop on eBay.

ILM (Industrial Light & Magic), the visual effects arm of Lucasfilm, created the illusion of a giant orb that could potentially blow up the entire galaxy with a not-so-threatening miniature, but those eerie closeups used intricately sculpted sectional pieces that were shot from above to make it appear as if Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing was flying over a vast fortress of evil. It looked like badass technology you did not want to mess with, unless you were Luke and blew it up first.

Someone from ILM managed to salvage one of those diorama pieces from the Death Star’s explosion—more like a landfill after they were literally dumped after production—and probably stashed away at his home planet for over 40 years until professional collector Steve Grad just had to have it in 2014. Whoever would even think about trashing a piece of this thing was committing the highest form of blasphemy.

piece of the Death Star prop from Star Wars

The surviving Death Star fragment is in great condition for being rescued from a garbage heap. It is 23.75” long and from 1.8” to 6.8” tall and will land at your doorstep with a custom display case and letters of authenticity from ILM employees Lorne Peterson and Jonathan Erland, who were involved in its production. This thing is obviously not functional, and even if the whole saga of a galaxy far, far away was real, it still wouldn’t be functional because it would technically be a fragment of space junk after its mothership was blasted to pieces.

Hollywood Memorabilia launched the auction Thursday and will keep it running through next Sunday. Bids are now hovering slightly over $8,000, which really isn’t too bad considering there obviously aren’t many of these left in the universe.

(via io9)

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