There's a crazy twist in Sam Raimi's new horror short: It's an ad for Chevy

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Feb 17, 2016, 7:52 PM EST (Updated)

Sam Raimi has a signature directorial style. There are plenty of pretenders to the throne, but no one zooms a close-up quite like Sam. And that style has served him well over the years, not just in horror, but in superhero flicks and even dramas. Evil Dead, Darkman, A Simple Plan, Spider-Man -- you know his movies when you see them, and they're good.

And now he's extending his considerable talents ... to Chevrolet. And as a freelance writer, I ain't mad about it. Sam gots to get paid. And, silver lining, the ad is actually worth watching.


And did I mention it's funny? Because of course it is! It's Sam Raimi. He's always at his best when he blends the scares with the laughs. I mean, again, freelance writer here living in a city with ample public transit, so I'm not buying a Chevy anytime soon, but it's still a cool ad!

(via Ad Week)

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