There's a Firefly MMORPG in the works? Yes! (Or is it just a hoax?)

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Jan 22, 2013, 5:53 PM EST

Have you been to a convention recently? If you have, you'll no doubt see that Firefly cosplaying continues to be EVERYWHERE. So it should come as no surprise that there's a huge desire to play in that universe. Which is exactly why there's an MMO coming out. Or is there?

If you go by game designers DarkCryo Entertainment, they have the well wishes of Fox to launch a Kickstarter and make a massive multiplayer game based on the popular Whedon sci-fi franchise. But are they on the level?

It's been pointed out that one of their supposed backers, The Yes Men, are an activist group who are known for impersonating government and corporate spokespersons in their protests. In fact, the endorsement on the studio's website from the activists includes the quote "Wow! Funny! Send us the game when it's done!" which sounds suspiciously like they either are in on a joke or simply don't believe the game will ever actually come to fruition.

But when Owen Good of gaming site Kotaku called out the studio as being dishonest with fans, they were quick to respond. In fact, according to DarkCryo, the Yes Men will be featured in the game. Per their Facebook page, ""The Yes Men elite NPCs will be sabotaging Megacorp faction PCs whom are guilty of monopolizing ingame commerce. In a user-generated environment, balance is everything. Every faction requires a creative boss to which we can relate, and the Yes Men were gracious enough to allow us the integration of their identities into gameplay."

If this is a practical joke, then DarkCryo is not done playing it. As to whether the game will ever actually see the light of day, it remains dubious. Fox may have not realized what they had in Firefly a decade ago, but they'd be blind not see it now. So a Firefly videogame? Is inevitable? A Firefly videogame from a company no one has ever heard of before? Color us unsold.

(via Kotaku)

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