There's a Godzilla prequel coming sooner than you think

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Jan 22, 2014

With the new big-screen reboot of Godzilla just four months away from release, you might be surprised to know that a prequel is about to come roaring at us, as well.

Legendary Pictures has announced that it will publish, through its Legendary Comics arm, a prequel graphic novel called Godzilla: Awakening on May 7, nine days before the big green lizard smashes his way back into theaters on the 16th of that month. 

The graphic novel is set decades before the movie takes place and is co-written by Max Borenstein, who penned the screenplay for the film, and Greg Borenstein. Legendary has even persuaded director Gareth Edwards to record a brief video announcement of the book, as if he isn't busy enough putting the finishing touches in his kaiju epic.

Since the plot of the movie is a secret, we can only surmise that the book will give us some sort of look into the events that set Godzilla on his path to eventually resurfacing and once again wreaking havoc on humankind in the movie.

Godzilla stars Aaron Johnson, Elizabeth Olsen, Bryan Cranston, Ken Watanabe, one 400-foot-tall reptile and at least one other yet-to-be-revealed monster. Watch Edwards' message below and get ready to head to your local comics shop on the 7th of May for your first confrontation with the new Godzilla!

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