There's no contest: This is easily the biggest Emmy snub of the year. Again.

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Jul 10, 2014, 1:53 PM EDT (Updated)

The Emmy nominations have been announced, and though a few sci-fi stars made the watch list for the prestigious awards show, there’s one noticeable — nay, unforgivable — absence.

For the second year in a row, the uber-talented Tatiana Maslany failed to earn even a nomination for her phenomenal work on the acclaimed BBC America drama Orphan Black. If you’re unfamiliar, the sci-fi-tinged series focuses on a young woman (played by Maslany) who learns she’s actually one of several clones, and follows her efforts to unravel the mystery around her existence.

As the plot implies, the cast is largely comprised of clones — all of which are played by Maslany. But she’s not just jumping around to half a dozen different roles and going through the motions. Maslany has managed to give all these variations their own tics, character traits, voices and motivations. She makes up more than half the cast of the show, and absolutely kills it.

Hell, she’s so talented I forget at least a few times per episode that all these characters are played by the same person. She’s just that good.

Just look at the past season, and you’ll find multiple performances worth a nom. From Alison’s struggles with drinking and her busted marriage, to Cosima’s battles with sickness and betrayal, and Helena’s growth from a straight-up nutball to a well-rounded character — it’s Maslany pulling the strings behind all those wigs and costumes. Not to mention Rachel’s journey from straight-up baddie to well-rounded character.

She is literally giving a half dozen Emmy-worthy performances across the entire spectrum in each episode, showing depth and range that are largely unseen these days. No offense intended to some of the other nominees, who are all deserving in their own right, but it's downright offensive to throw shade at Orphan Black two years in a row. Within an hour of the nominees list being announced, #TatianaMaslany was trending. What does that tell you?

The show snuck up out of nowhere last season and blew us all away, so you could almost forgive the lack of a nomination in 2013. But the ratings were up (compared to the criminally low-rated first season) and the critics were raving for much of 2014. There’s just no excuse this time around.

If you need more proof, check out a few highlights from the past season, which only serve to scratch the surface of her incredible performance:

What do you think? Why was Maslany passed over? Will she ever get the awards recognition she deserves? Sound off in the comments!