There's no escape for Rick in Walking Dead Season 7 midseason sneak peek

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May 2, 2017, 11:39 AM EDT (Updated)

When last we left Rick and the Ricksters in The Walking Dead's midseason finale of Season 7, he had decided to save himself from Negan’s Saviors and flee. On February 12, we’re finally going to see Rick on a roll.

But not for very long. Because as we see from this one-minute clip from the upcoming episode, “Rock in the Road,” below, Rick’s journey afield from Savior territory is cut off quite early.

Rick, Michonne, Jesus and a few of Rick’s comrades find themselves in a car-filled blockade, unable to proceed. But that’s not all they encounter. 

It’s a short clip, but it’s nice to see the decisive Rick that we’ve come to love over the last six seasons—but not the seventh. That’s when Negan didn’t beat Rick into submission. He beat Abraham and Glenn into Rick’s submission.

According to Digital Spy, Rick and company will encounter a whole new community. He will also try to recruit King Ezekiel and the Kingdom in his fight against Negan and his multitudes. What will happen? You could spend several more agonizing seasons watching the storylines unwind. Or you could just fast-forward through Robert Kirkman's comic books. Or the spoiler-ific wiki.