There's one big 'dealbreaker' in Legends of Tomorrow trailer

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Dec 29, 2015

On Jan. 21, we’re going to meet another branch of the Arrow family: As we know, Legends of Tomorrow will include characters from Arrow and The Flash, plus an assortment of heroes from DC Comics. Now Legends of Tomorrow has released another trailer, whetting our appetites even further for the upcoming Arrowverse spinoff. 

Here we see our teammates working together and individually, asserting their powers and fighting enemies, much of it while wearing '70s-fabulous clothes. Time travel is inherent to the premise of Legends of Tomorrow — stopping an enemy in the past before he conquers the world in the future — and we can expect to see more groovy wardrobe changes as the series continues.

But we also get a sense that they’re a new team and not yet a well-oiled superhero machine. Sara Lance, aka White Canary, defies Rip Hunter’s request that she not use weapons. We should expect that these Legends aren’t quite legendary yet. 

And speaking of Legends, as Professor Martin Stein, aka Firestorm, points out, in order for them to be considered “legends,” they would have to be … dead. Jefferson Jackson, who is also Firestorm, quips that being dead is a dealbreaker for him.

Humor. Action. Superheroes. Is it Jan. 21 yet?


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