There's so much to unpack in the new Wonder Woman trailer

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Nov 3, 2016, 6:01 PM EDT

The latest Wonder Woman trailer just dropped, and to say I'm excited would be a serious understatement. I'm sure I'm not alone when I say I'm already clamoring for June 9, 2017, and more so, I have SO. MANY. THOUGHTS. about what's being teased as possibly being in store.  I've consulted our resident Wonder Woman fans and managed to break down what we think, feel, and know.


First up, we get to see Diana's home, Themyscira. The Amazon home is essentially a nirvana. The water is crystal clear, the sky perfectly blue. Amazons live in harmony with nature and their surroundings, in stark contrast to the pollution and destruction caused in part from the industrialization in Man's World, and that played a huge role in World War I. 


Shortly after Steve's arrival, Paradise Island is invaded and the Amazons are at war. Which leaves a couple questions. First, who are they fighting? These aren't likely to be American forces shooting at Steve Trevor. Second, how did they and Steve both end up finding the island? Something (or one) had to have led them there ...


Next, Steve's seen being questioned by the Council of Themyscira, during which he states his mission is to stop the war. Make a note that he says "stop" and not "win," because we'll come back to that later. World War I was famously dubbed "The War to End War," which Steve's line is a misquote of. The level of destruction was unfathomable and it was famously considered by author H.G. Wells not to be a war of nations, but a war of mankind. We can't know for sure if Steve's remarks take place before or after the battle on the beach. Either way, it's clearly determined that Steve can be trusted by the Amazons and they accept his word. 


As Steve tells Hippolyta the Amazon's are in more danger than they think, we see a shot of just how catastrophic advancements in industry have made this war, and among them a hint as to at least one villain Wonder Woman may face by way of a gas mask and a woman in what looks like Phantom of the Opera cosplay. 


Enter Doctor Poison.


In the early comics, Doctor Poison aka Princess Maru was a Nazi spy that ended up poisoning the army's water supply. It's possible she's reworked to do the same during World War I as an agent of the central powers. But more recently, Doctor Poison was acting on behalf Devastation, the daughter of Cronus. Which leads into the next puzzle piece... who exactly is Danny Huston's unnamed character?


Sure, he's dressed in what looks like either a German or Austrian military leader's uniform, but if it were as simple as that, his character would probably be identified at least on IMDB, no? 


Soon after Steve speaks, we see Diana getting her armor and suiting up while we hear her passionately declaring she cannot stand by and her mother cautioning her to be careful. In both the Justice League and Bombshells, Wonder Woman follows her conscience and acts against her mother's indifference and disinterest by setting off to Man's World and helping stop the war. Clearly the same is happening here.


Once in Man's World, Diana takes a page out of her buddy Kal-El's book and disguises herself as something basic and otherwise unnoticeable in that era: a secretary. But even when she's on the DL, she's still saving Steve. 


A few fast cuts of action showing Diana kicking ALL THE ASS, the Golden Lasson of Truth being deployed ( let's not forget the truth element is bound to come into play at some point, right?), and a glimpse of the true power behind Diana's Bracelets of Submission. But hold on.... let's get back to Danny Huston.


There's only one person who relishes at death and destruction like no other in the DC Universe, and that person is Ares. So is it possible Danny Huston's unnamed character is merely Ares shapeshifted into the form of a Austrian/German military commander? Totally. At different points in Wonder Woman's history, Ares has caused war for the Amazons directly ( which could explain the battle on the beach in the beginning of the trailer) and has showed up in various forms. It would also make sense that World War I, the war that actually changed the world and modern warfare for ever, would ultimately be caused by Ares. He is Wonder Woman's greatest enemy and the very reason she exists. It's possible that Ares was somehow responsible for Steve's crash, and for the ensuing battle on the beach, in an effort to draw Wonder Woman out and bring destruction to Themyscira. 

However, it could be that Steve accidentally-on-purpose crashed on Paradise Island due to some divine intervention on behalf of the gods, because his desire to stop the war required Diana's help. Wonder Woman's history is deeply tied to Greek mythology and it could be cool to explore that some more in a sequel. Maybe the gods intervened calling Wonder Woman to fulfill her destiny, which eventually draws Ares attention at a later date resulting in a showdown. If so, that still doesn't answer who Danny Huston's character could be. 

There is a small argument to be made that Huston could instead be either one of Ares' children, Cronus, or even one of Cronus' children ( his son Titan is also a master strategist who loves war). So far, few superhero flicks reveal the biggest bad right away, choosing to build up that that eventual showdown in a later sequel. Would DC introduce Diana's biggest foe right off the bat in the first movie? After all, Ares inevitably has to show up. And he could be a looming presence up until that point, with Hudson's unnaming a mere decoy to throw sleuthy fans off a bit. 

Aside from what we think, here's what we know and love:


The Amazons look DOPE AS HELL.

They legitimately look like a bunch of female MMA fighters in armor. Super into anytime a movie depicts female warriors that look like they can actually fight. 


Diana's fight scenes look epic.

Not only is she the greatest Amazon warrior on Paradise Island, but she has powers, too. In addition to her lasso and bracelets, Diana has the same superhuman strength and speed as Superman. And just like her caped alien friend, Diana can also fly. We don't know if or how that power may be adapted to screen, but judging by the serious air she gets in some of these action shots, it's definitely implied. 


There's humor.


DC has been getting quite a bit of flack lately for the lack of humor in their movieverse. Sure, Nolan's TDK trilogy wasn't exactly a comedy, but it did include some sarcastic and ironic humor at just the right points, adding some much needed levity to all the drama. We've had a couple of hints that Patty Jenkins film is leaning more towards that end of the DC spectrum than the Snyder one ( thankfully).  Also love that Diana's feminity isn't tied to frilly, poofy dresses.


Girls of all ages FINALLY get a hero.

It's about time we get a female superhero who's not just at the helm of her own movie, but one who girls of all ages can call our own. And it's more than fitting that decades after Wonder Woman broke major ground as a television series the character is set to do the same on the big screen. Almost as if by some working of the universe, Diana's triumphant return coincides during a pivotal moment for women in popular culture, be it in media, politics, or in everyday life. She proves once again that she's more than just a comic book character: She's the ultimate symbol of feminine and depicts all the nuances that make up what it means to be a woman. 

Now, with that out of the way, excuse me while I watch this trailer a few dozen more times and spin around my living room throwing air roundhouses to invisible bad guys. Meanwhile, sound off in the comments and tell us what you think!


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