There's something very wrong with Waverly on the Season 2 premiere of Wynonna Earp

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Jun 9, 2017, 11:00 PM EDT

Spoiler Warning: If you haven't seen the Season 2 premiere of Wynonna Earp or don't want to know what happened, turn away now. Or, y'know, go watch and come back so we can talk about it.

Welcome to Season 2, Earpers. Here's the good news; the show we know and love is still the show we know and love and everyone is still wonderful and Wynonna is even more badass than before and Doc still has his mustache and yay Dolls is alive and WayHaught is still way hot and the town was saved (even if they don't know it).

Bad news? Waverly Earp is not 100% Waverly Earp. I mean, sure we kind of knew that when she went all black eyes on us after touching the goo in the Season 1 finale, but now we know it wasn't a one-time thing, and we knows it's causing some... issues. More bad news? RIP Doc's hat. Oh yeah, and there's the matter of a contract being signed in blood. No big deal.

The Season 1 finale left both Wynonna and Waves with some nasty unresolved feelings, and while Bobo and Willa are both dead, there's a whole new level of supernatural badness roaming the Ghost River Triangle. Which means the Season 2 premiere starts with the aftermath and, boy, is there a lot of cleanup to be done.

Wynonna's first goal is to find Dolls and to figure out what Black Badge is still doing in Purgatory. That leads her to a motel room full of strange lab set ups and the very kick ass Eliza (Rachel Skarsten), both of which are brought back to the homestead where everyone can meet everyone (cue the requisite flirting and uncomfortable conversations, plus Waverly using the word "girlfriend" about Nicole. Yay!) and formulate a plan.

Next thing we know, we're using a dead badger to get Wynonna and Doc into the Black Badge warehouse, while Eliza finds her own way in. Meanwhile, Waverly goes all black eyes with an ax, and I'm not so sure she was going for that creature's head when she started that swing. Nicole's Spidey-sense is tingling, so that's good, but we all know love can be blind.

Plus, Waverly is so... amazingly Waverly. What with her going undercover as Scotland Yard (fun to hear Dominique Provost-Chalkley's "worst" accent used as camouflage), using words like "stonking", and rolling on into the Black Badge facility. You also have to love her attempts to use all sorts of suggestive moves on Jeremy (Varun Saranga), who's clearly not interested btw, when the truth actually works.

Wynonna, Doc, and Eliza being trapped in a stairwell is the perfect time to drop some exposition on us about what Black Badge did to Dolls, while also setting up more confusion for Wynonna about how she feels about Dolls, and how she feels about Doc. Especially when Doc goes and does the noble thing by going after Dolls.

That, of course, walks Doc right into Agent Lucado (Kate Drummond). Man, is she a bitch, or what? We know why she hates Dolls, but she's just all sorts of angry. Even so, Doc and his dynamite standoff get Dolls out of the cage and out of the facility. I know Doc always seems to be surprised when he does the right thing, but I don't think it shocks anyone watching. We know better.

Ultimately, we meet Moody (Kevin Hanchard). Whether Moody is the man in charge of Black Badge or just heading up a certain department remains to be seen, but he's got our team in a bind, and we're talking a blood oath. Do I think it'll hold for good? No. But when someone's already shot one person (I really hope Eliza's not dead dead) and he's threatening everyone Wynonna loves, you do what needs to be done. Especially with the bait of solving the Earp Curse being held over their heads.

However, nothing's solved. Nothing's fixed. Nicole's feeling all sorts of out of place and unsure, Doc 's back to being a lawman and having to deal with feelings for Wynonna (and these look like some real feelings, people), Waverly's... yeah, and Wynonna? Well, Wynonna's finally taking a moment to grieve. It won't be a long enough moment, but it's something, and it's much needed.

At least she knows Dolls is alive. That's enough for now.

Now, can anyone tell me what in Hell grabbed that bundle of dynamite at the end? That jewelry was... interesting.


Random Thoughts:

Did anyone else wonder if the Supernatural set designers came in to do a job on Dolls' hotel room? That room divider!

Bless Emily Andras for having Rachel Skarsten in her underwear during that fight. Also, "you should see what I do naked." Love it.

The Plan B thing. It takes a certain kind of show to make a gag like that work. This show is that certain kind of show.


One final thought:

Watching this episode, I could hear Maz Kanata saying, "Ha, you're right back in the mess!" in my head. It's a good mess, this show. A really good mess. So how about we do this again next week?

Till then, Earpers.

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