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These 19 sun-loving pets throw some serious eclipse shade(s)

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Mar 25, 2021, 10:00 AM EDT (Updated)

Think that PSA about wearing eclipse glasses was just for humans? It was also for our furry friends who don’t realize there’s a solar eclipse going on outside when they paw the door fanatically and beg for a w-a-l-k. So what do you do when you can’t keep them inside, especially when there’s an emergency need to use the fire hydrant? You put eclipse glasses on them, just like a human.

How pets reacted to being bespectacled went from a fluffy white Maltese pouting like a little diva to a cat that absolutely refused to allow humans to assert any dominance over him by putting those ridiculous cardboard things on his face. Even inside, animals start acting weird when a solar eclipse passes over, because the darkness temporarily convinces them it’s twilight. Pair that with those glasses that they might believe are anything from a chew toy to a human-manufactured torture device made for feline mind control, and you could really end up with a hairy situation.

Some of these pets are even sporting inventive headgear—think paper plates and even welders’ helmets. No word if they actually enjoyed it, but considering that our animals tend to shove their heads into even stranger situations, it might not have been too far off the cardboard box that always seems to make its way onto your dog’s head after you’ve unwrapped a present around the holidays.

From dapper dogs and cranky cats to guinea pigs to a fashionably cool zoo lion, these 19 pets definitely got their eclipse on.

Gotham the guinea pig is the most patriotic thing on four legs.

We have a runner-up for patriotism.

The eclipse gave her every excuse to be a doggie diva.

The humans will NOT succeed in putting these things on me.

I said they will NOT!

Zoey, your eyeballs!

Our very own Jeff Spry's Balen and Copper looking shady.

What are these things, and can I eat them?

I wonder how long he actually held that pose.

Forget rainbows, I want to see the eclipse!

Just lion around in this alien contraption too big for my head.

So scholarly.

What happens when eclipse glasses are sold out everywhere.

Just a satellite dish for extra protection.

Space-age yogurt lid glasses.

Cool canine.

I will have patience until you get them off me.

A live demonstration...

...and another one.