These 20 LEGO from Toy Fair 2014 will convince you everything is awesome

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Feb 20, 2014, 5:20 PM EST

If you were a child after 1949, chances are you've played with LEGO -- and some of you have never stopped (they're called Adult Fans of LEGO, or AFOL). All of us here haven't stopped being geeky either. So if you love LEGO and geekery: We've got a glimpse of some not-yet-released (and some recently released) LEGOs for fans of Star Wars, Marvel and DC Comics. We have a gallery, just for you.

Each year LEGO produces pieces ranging from simple, primary-colored bricks to wheels and working motors. These specialized minifigures and collections may not have working motors, but they are powered by the imagination. And when it come to our favorite franchises, our imaginations are super-powered.

Check them out.