These 23 Stranger Things Dos and Don'ts will prevent you from getting Barbed

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Sep 3, 2019, 8:16 AM EDT (Updated)

Stranger Things is an '80s throw-back Netflix series whose second season is about to bow just in time for Halloween du 2017. You think you know all the Stephen King references? You think you would survive the Demagorgon?

Well, what if, and just stay with me here a second, WHAT IF YOU ARE NOT PREPARED AT ALL?

There are monsters potentially around every corner, girls with leaky noses, dads with bad advice -- so many things could go double wrong (that's wrong in the regular world and then wrong again in the Upside Down). You could never truly prepare yourself solo.

And that is why, you're welcome, I did this here list of Dos and Don'ts in video form. I'm from the '80s and therefore you should follow all relevant rules I subscribe to the letter. Enjoy!