These are the 116 photos NASA sent out to aliens on the Voyager mission

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Nov 16, 2015, 3:31 PM EST (Updated)

It’s been a few decades, and the Voyager spacecraft is only now escaping the neighborhood of our solar system and heading deep into the wild black yonder. So, exactly what did we pack in there to show aliens about humanity?

Vox has put together a fascinating video looking back at the Voyager mission, specifically focused on the famed “Golden Record” and images included as part of the package. The goal at the time was to include a care package for any potential aliens who might stumble upon the spacecraft within the next few thousand (or million) years. The care package included music, information — and a collection of 116 photographs. You can check out some of the sounds included in the record right here.

The images are encoded in analog form and showcase everything from humans doing human-y things to scientific data about our anatomy and our world. In many ways, the project was the pinnacle of human optimism, and there’s something comforting about the knowledge Voyager is still zipping along out there, hurtling toward the great mysteries of the cosmos.

Check out a collection of the images included on the mission via the video below:

What do you make of the selections? Better yet — what would we include if Voyager were to happen in 2015? A One Direction single and some cat videos from YouTube?

(Via Vox)