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These are coolest toys and collectibles from NYCC 2018

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Dec 17, 2020, 3:50 PM EST (Updated)

Comic conventions are often overwhelming events that attack your senses from every angle. With so much going on around you, it can be hard to actually observe all that a show like New York Comic Con has to offer, and you wind up missing some amazing toys that you definitely need to own, according to a medical doctor.

Lucky for you, SYFY WIRE was on the scene to make sure you didn't miss out on any of the amazing toys on hand. From gorgeous statues of your favorite superheroes to detailed figures from beloved films, these were the coolest toys and collectibles at NYCC 2018.

hot toys marvel studios iron man concept figure

A traditionally large presence at San Diego Comic-Con, Sideshow Collectibles has only recently made an impact at NYCC. Though Sideshow's imprint on this show floor is dramatically smaller than it is on the west coast, the impact the collection makes is just as strong.

Primarily, Sideshow's booth was jam-packed with original pieces, with the company's signature Premium Format Figures garnering the most attention corner to corner. The incredible Superman vs. Batman piece looked great in early promotional photography, but seeing it in person was another thing entirely. The dynamism was on full display, and Sideshow's take on this familiar collectible trope felt fresh as ever.

There were, of course, a nice smattering of Hot Toys and Sideshow's own sixth-scale figures in the booth too. Several were pieces shown to the public for the first time, including the fabulously intricate concept art Iron Man from Hot Toys' Marvel Studios 10th Anniversary collection. We also haven't seen a comic-inspired Magneto figure like the one Sideshow's making, and it looks like it will bring the X-Men's big bad to life quite well.

tamashii nations figuarts spike spiegel cowboy bebop

Tamashii Nations' booth was filled with plenty of pieces we've seen before, with the Marvel Figuarts and the Star Wars Movie Realization lines getting plenty of display space. Even with so much of the floor space devoted to existing product, the company threw in some nice, new surprises like the upcoming Cowboy Bebop line. Two Spike Spiegels and a miniaturized version of Swordfish II should be enough to get longtime fans of the acclaimed anime excited. We don't know if the line will expand beyond what was shown, but we can all cross our fingers Ein and Edward make the jump eventually.

Similarly, Square Enix didn't have a lot of new ground to tread, but the early prototypes of new Bring Arts figures for Advent Children and Kingdom Hearts looked great. The Play Arts line didn't have a lot of representation, but considering the Bring Arts line has just as much detail and articulation at half the price (and size), it's not too disappointing. Hopefully more Bring Arts options are on the way, as it's a great new direction for the company and its collectibles.

xm studios batman samurai poison ivy

For the first time ever, XM Studios made a huge showing at this year's convention. Previously, XM's pieces were very hard to get here in the States, but it's great news for fans and collectors that so many of these absolutely ridiculous statues will now be available here. The stars of the show were all the individual characters in the company's bold Batman Samurai line.

Interpreting the Bat-Universe in a new era isn't a new idea, but if you can execute it the way XM Studios has with this Edo-inspired collection, you have a hit on your hands. The statues are expensive as heck, but you can see instantly why they are so highly valued. The paint deco and the intricacies of the sculpts just blows you away from every angle.

good smile nendoroid jack skellington

Not to be forgotten, Good Smile had a nice array of previously unseen pieces on display too. The real surprise was the Jack Skellington Nendoroid, which joins the likes of Winnie the Pooh and Mickey Mouse in the company's Disney wave. Hermione and Ron were also shown off alongside the Harry Potter Nendoroid, with each looking appropriately cute in their Sorcerer's Stone iterations.

You can check out even more of these incredible pieces in the gallery below, and start worrying about how you're going to save up enough to get your favorites home.