These Gotham fans think they've solved the mystery of who killed Bruce Wayne's parents

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Dec 4, 2014

One of the big mysteries hanging over the first season of Gotham is who pulled the trigger in the murder of Bruce Wayne’s parents. Well, these fans think they’ve cracked the case.

Potential major spoilers ahead for Fox’s Batman prequel, Gotham!

The case has been at the heart of the narrative for the first several episodes, and Detective Jim Gordon is making headway in figuring out the identity of the masked gunman who shot down Thomas and Martha Wayne. But if you put together some clues already hanging out there, a potential answer becomes clear.

All right, here’s the gist: Remember the purple-suited guy in the police precinct in episode two, who yells at Bullock for stepping on his shoes? Combine that with the testimony that the killer wore “shiny shoes,” and that’s interesting. But there’s more — in episode nine, Selina Kyle worked with a sketch artist to generate an image of the shooter. Turns out he looks a lot like that purple-suited guy from the pilot. Hmm.

The folks with Legends of Gotham have laid out all their evidence in a nifty video, and it makes a fairly convincing case. Obviously, most Batman fans know the killer in classic comic lore is typically portrayed as Joe Chill, though the crew behind Gotham have shown they're not afraid to tweak some elements for the sake of a story. So the mystery remains.

Check out the clip below and let us know if you buy this theory:

(Via Bleeding Cool)

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