These new official character bios give us more Days of Future past hints

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Apr 29, 2019, 7:26 AM EDT (Updated)

The Days of Future Past website just updated with a few interesting items, including these 17 character bios.

We're just about three months away from Bryan Singer's return to the X-franchise. People are nervous, people are excited, people are throwing up violently. That last thing might be due to food poisoning, though, so see a physician.

Naturally, the marketing machine has to march onward to keep that interest going, keep fans at the edge of antici ... (Say it! - Ed.)

So, there are a few notable items here. Mystique's bio says that she may end up causing mutant extinction. Blink's says she won't be able to protect the other mutants for long, which seems to hint at either her own death or the death of many others. And, perhaps most importantly of all, Quicksilver's hair doesn't look half bad. Will wonders never cease?

So take a look at all 17 bios below, and let us know if there's anything else in there that you find particularly interesting.

(via Comic Book Movie)