These portraits of our favorite superhero families are super-adorable

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Sep 12, 2013

Who says comics aren't for kids and families? Not us!

Don't let certain DC publishers take on marriage fool you -- just because you're a superhero doesn't mean you can't be a part of a real family. Sure, that family is going to endure suffering, torture and death (especially if you're in the Bat Family). but isn't family about getting you through those tough times?

French artist Andry “Shango” Rajoelina has put together a series of illustrations  showing our favorite hero families on display. In this case, he plays with the age of many of these characters, so there's a bit of a literal parent/child dynamic. There's also an element of the everyday to this art that casts these larger-than-life characters in a much more realistic light.

So if you think these characters who spend most of their time saving the world at great personal cost deserve an adorable break, take a look at the gallery below. But be prepared to make your best involuntary "AWE!" face.

(via Laughing Squid)

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