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These Star Wars, Doctor Who, and Rick & Morty fan theories might blow your mind [Fandom Files #20]

Mar 12, 2018, 1:30 PM EDT

Was Admiral Ozzel actually a Rebel spy? How old is The Doctor in Doctor Who? And which Avenger is going to die?

We have no idea, but it's sure fun trying to figure it out.

The insatiable appetite of fandom runs counter to the old storytelling maxim "show, don't tell," an inherent contradiction that, when paired with social media, has created the booming world of fan theories.

Audiences have for centuries wondered about the omitted details of their favorite works of fiction, but thanks to the flourishing of online communities, fandom has created the modern equivalent of a million Zapruder films. They study every frame of their favorite movies and TV shows, comb through ancillary materials and press interviews by filmmakers and showrunners, and scrupulously assemble potential answers to questions that even some creators hadn't even thought to consider.

In this episode of The Fandom Files, we talk to hardcore fans of a number of different franchises, who give us their best guesses on some of the most hot-button questions in their fandom. Here's the lineup:

- Bryan Young talks to us about the true identity of The Empire's Admiral Ozzel

- Sam Ike predicts which Avengers are going to get punched to death

- Eric Francisco ponders the multitude of Red Rangers in Power Rangers

- Alasdair Wilkins tries to pinpoint the age of The Doctor

- Corey Plante looks at parallel worlds in Rick & Morty

- Co-host Emily Gaudette buries a pernicious Sailor Moon fan theory

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