These three ingenious NASA habitat designs could be where we eventually live on Mars

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Apr 29, 2019, 7:21 AM EDT (Updated)

In case you didn’t know, Mars isn’t exactly the most hospitable planet out there. So, luckily for us, NASA has teamed up with some creative types to design some potential habitats.

The space agency has teamed up with MakerBot in an open challenge to allow anyone to design a potential habitat. Considering that future astronauts will be dealing with killer dust storms, temperatures in the minus 70s Fahrenheit — and, of course, deadly radiation — might as well open it up for every wild and zany pitch possible. 

Well, the Mars Base Challenge has narrowed all the designs down to a final top three, and the best and brightest options have been revealed. Obviously, these designs aren’t made by science types, but that doesn’t mean NASA engineers (or any other private space company) can’t take inspiration from the creativity.

Check ‘em all out below and let us know where you’d live to live on the red planet.

(Via Popular Science)