These tooth-covered shoes are the most terrifying footwear ever

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May 2, 2013

Put these bad boys up on the conference room table and see how the rest of the meeting goes.

These creepy-as-hell but oddly fascinating shoes aren't the sort of thing you can head to your local shoe shop and buy. They're actually a work of sculpture by East London artists Fantich & Young, whose work "subverts Charles Darwin's theory of evolution with elements of supernatural ceremonial ritual. The concepts of nature and super-nature are explored in the work. Fantich and Young view this process as Darwinian Voodoo." This particular work is called "Apex Predator, Oxfords Shoes," and here's the description from the artists:

Apex predators are predators with no predators of their own, residing at the top of their food chain.

In addition to the Oxfords, Fantich & Young also crafted Apex Predator shoes for women, and an equally creepy Apex Predator suit. As for the teeth, they're actually repurposed dentures, but that doesn't lessen the effect at all. And while there's certainly an element of social commentary in this artwork if you're willing to look, as sci-fi nerds we can't help but think they'd also be perfect for a new, extra-creepy horror flick about the tooth fairy.

(Fantich & Young via Boing Boing)


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