Toy Fair 2018, Venom (Eddie Brock)

These toys from Toy Fair 2018 look so real, you'll swear they're cosplayers

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:06 AM EDT (Updated)

There are toys, and then there are toys that you swear could literally tear through their boxes and sink their fangs into your flesh. You may or may not end up bonded with the Venom symbiote.

Some of the most animated inanimate objects ever swooped, crawled, and slimed their way into this year's Toy Fair. These didn't stand out on the show floor because of animatronics, flashing lights, or the ability to talk back in creepy voices like Furbacca. Superheroes and supervillain figures that could have leaped right off the screen were unleashed by companies such as Dark Horse, DST Factory Entertainment, Funko, Kotobukiya, QMX, and SHFigureArts. The Batman Who Laughs from Dark Nights: Metal might be the most terrifying 3D incarnation of this Jokerized alt-Batman ever to flash his deadly grin.

Don't even ask about the Star Wars aliens. Those are pure, unmitigated nightmare fuel.

Like any con focused on geeky toys, Toy Fair 2018 brought out the latest swarm of Funko Pops, which are just about as far from realism as you can get. There's just something irredeemably creepy about anything with a disproportionately huge head that sucks you in with its blank, black eye holes. You'd expect the entire cast of Ready Player One (especially I-Rok) to take this form at some point, which they just did. Now imagine merging that with Mr. Rogers. Yes, the man in cardigans we all grew up watching on PBS now exists as a vinyl human sub-creature that will totally ruin your childhood.

Scary vinyl bobbleheads aside, there were toys that could really convince you that you were staring right into a scene from Venom or The Punisher or Spider-Man if you just factored out the glass cases. Let's take a moment to talk about the unreal sculpt of Eddie Brock as Venom. Just stare at this figure for 30 seconds and it will have a Magic Eye effect of making you believe that the Symbiote is actively oozing into Eddie's human body. Pretty soon, you'll start expecting him to shatter the glass and lunge for your face.

Photos: Bill Edwards


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