'They're all gonna die' in bloody new Teen Wolf S3 trailer

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Jul 19, 2013, 12:01 PM EDT

The back half of Teen Wolf’s third season is still five months away, but San Diego Comic-Con has brought the release of an ass-kicking new trailer that has us chomping at the bit for the MTV series to return.

Over the past two and a half seasons, the show has grown from a weird reboot of a 1980s teen comedy to a full-fledged guilty pleasure you could almost call Buffy the Vampire Slayer lite. It has bits of Being Human mixed in there, as well, though the sexiness is all cranked up to 11 (dark fantasy series or not, this is still MTV, you know).

The first full trailer for the rest of season three, which resumes Jan. 6, 2014, shows the stakes are higher than ever. There’s carnage at the hospital, wild action and shirtless dudes, and the baddies are always at least 10 steps ahead.

Looks like fun:

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Do you plan on checking out season three to see what the wolves are up to?

(Via TV Line)