They're still filming The Avengers AFTER the World Premiere!

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Marc Bernardin
Dec 17, 2012

After the actors playing Earth's Mightiest Heroes gathered on the red carpet to celebrate the premiere of Marvel's crowning achievement, a few of them hopped back on a plane and flew to an undisclosed location to keep shooting The Avengers. But what's left to film?

There's still a few weeks before Joss Whedon's superhero jamboree opens; time enough, apparently, to shoot a scene or two. Robert Downey Jr. mentioned it at the film's press junket (and Mark Ruffalo confirmed it), so, at some point yesterday, the band got back together.

As for what they shot, it's most likely not a scene for the body of the film, given that a decent chunk of press folks saw the film at the premiere. It's probably some sort of post-credits tag—and, when he screened Iron Man for critics, director Jon Favreau left off the Nick Fury scene so it'd be a surprise for the fans.

I guess we'll know for sure on May 4.

(Via Bleeding Cool)