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Dec 13, 2008

I'm off to Phoenix for about 36 hours to do an interview for an upcoming TV program I can't tell you anything about. Since I'll be gone, here is some stuff to keep you from doing anything useful.

1) Dave Mosher at Discovery's blog (note the y) is hosting the 82nd Carnival of Space, and it's a special first-time video edition!

2) New Scientist has pictures of the LHC damage. They're... interesting, but I was hoping for more drama.

3) Universe Today has an even cooler Mars 3D anaglyph than the one I recently posted. And I forgot to mention that HiRISE is on Twitter! Also, the parent spacecraft, the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, just finished its nominal two-year mission. Congrats! May it get extended for ten more.

4) Check out this way cool scale solar system model in Maine! BABLoggee Vernon Balbert sent that one in.

5) Anti-anti-vax heroes Paul Offitt and Amanda Peet were on NPR. Yay!

6) That planet 63 light years away with carbon dioxide in its atmosphere? Water vapor has been found as well. We've seen water vapor in the atmospheres of very cool stars, too, which I think is amazing.

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