Things get eye-popping in Orphan Black 5.7

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Sep 3, 2019, 7:13 AM EDT (Updated)

Spoiler Warning: If you haven't seen "Gag or Throttle" or don't want to know what happened, turn away now. Or, y'know, go watch and come back so we can talk about it.

This episode ended and I literally shouted "NOOOOO!" because I wanted to know more. Can you die from blood loss if you cut out your own eyeball with the stem of a martini glass? Also, GAH! Mark and Gracie are back. The question is, are they back to help Virginia Coady or are they playing Coady to find Helena? Plus both Cosima and Alison are home (yay!) and Clone Club has had a chance to pool their information, getting everyone up to speed.

So much to process, so let's get to it.


I'm laying odds right now that Rachel will be dead by the end of the 8th episode given what just happened. You don't give the key to P.T. Westmoreland's immortality back to the enemy, not to mention do it practically under his nose, without serious repercussions.

As for the removal of her eye...I'll admit that I didn't see that coming (no pun intended) until right before it happened. Mainly because it took me a while to track how she was seeing what she was seeing. How betrayed must she feel when the artificial eye implanted years ago was being used in surreptitious surveillance. Think about how many things Rachel has done or said since then. How long has Westmoreland been watching and listening? He won't be watching anymore, will he?

I keep thinking of how curated she's been all of her life. Carefully managed and lied to, given the belief that she had some autonomy and that she was a partner in the research to find a cure, only to discover that she's been property all along and that the man who pretended to be a father has taken such brutal advantage of her.

Of course, Westmoreland underestimated Rachel and he's going to pay for it. Rachel's angry and she's going to do everything she can to ruin him and Neolution right along with him.


Can you even begin to imagine how Kira would be taking this if she didn't know what was going on or have a way to communicate with her family? It's bad enough that they're prepping her for egg harvest (that's still one of the most awful things ever) but they're trying to tell her how special she is. I also think her connection to Rachel has gotten stronger and that may be part of what tipped Rachel over, not to mention the striking similarities to her own childhood. That moment Rachel asks her younger self why she doesn't run is both chilling and heartbreaking. Rachel couldn't save herself, but Kira? Kira's back with her mom where she belongs and on her way home.


The other part of what tips Rachel over is Sarah Manning. The "nuisance clone." The more Rachel realizes what she's lost, the more Sarah's maternal pleas for help resound in Rachel's head. Sarah would do anything to save Kira from what's being done to her while Rachel's own mother just let it happen and then made her a partner in her own abuse. No wonder Rachel has such a loathing for Sarah, she's everything Rachel would have wanted in a mother.


Oh my gosh. I'm both delighted and petrified. First off, I love her hair. And it's great that she's taking a different approach to her spiritual health, but poor Donnie is completely lost without his Alison and he has no idea what to do. One thing that hasn't changed is the passion they have for each other, but we're talking one heck of an adjustment period. Of course, the craft room is a music room now and, like Donnie said, they can lay down some tasty tracks. This should be interesting.

Mark and Gracie

I honestly don't know about this. Mark's been so quiet out there and now he's back and supposedly on board with all of this because Virginia's promised to cure him. But he also seems to have sent Gracie off to find Helena without informing Virginia, so what gives? And why does Coady want that sample? Still trying to see if his sperm can sterilize a Leda clone? Are these people ever not evil? Something tells me he's not as on board with all of this as Coady thinks.

Random thoughts

Kira and Rachel's exchange: "Who hurt you?" "All of them." Chills. So. Many. Chills.

Knowing why Rachel was drinking herself into oblivion makes every drink she takes have new meaning on the re-watch. I have a feeling that she decided to take her eye out as soon as she realized what was really happening, but she knew she had things to do first and she needed the alcohol to dull the pain ... both physically and mentally.

Final thoughts

Here's what we know: Rachel's in danger, Cosima and Allison are both home, Clone Club has figured out who Westmoreland really is, and Kira has been reunited with her mom. We also know Gracie is with Helena and Mark is back in play, but we don't know how. The board is set for endgame. Who lives, who dies, and who takes it all remains to be seen, but we all have our fingers crossed for the good guys.

Next week looks like it's going to be interesting. Shall we meet up and do this again?

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