Things get messy in a bloody new teaser image from Pacific Rim

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Mar 19, 2013, 10:23 AM EDT (Updated)

First we get monster footprints, now we get monster blood.

Yesterday we showed you a teaser image from Guillermo del Toro's upcoming epic Pacific Rim that featured a massive monster footprint that dwarfed every human standing around it. Details are slowly leaking out about the giant beasts of Pacific Rim, called "kaiju," and today we get another peek, this one with a more ... well, let's say internal feel.

Pacific Rim production company Legendary Pictures released the above image this week with the caption "This is as close as you ever want to get to kaiju blood." Right, because we needed more convincing that we don't want these monsters to ever be real things.

Pacific Rim hits theaters July 12.

(Via ComingSoon)

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