Things go from bad to worse for the Saviors in The Walking Dead episode 807

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Dec 3, 2017

Spoiler alert! This recap contains major spoilers for The Walking Dead Episode 807, "Time for After." Catch up with our recap of last week's episode, "The King, the Widow, and Rick."

Another week, another perfectly average episode of The Walking Dead. I feel like a broken record: "I understand that they have to hit certain story beats, and they have a specific number of episodes to fill, but can't they do a better job of filling them?"

Tonight's episode was Eugene-heavy. The upside is that he is a great character; the downside is that he turns a brief speech into a Shakespearean monologue. A lot of it is spent with Eugene running around, trying to figure out whose side it is more advantageous to join. He confronts Dwight about being the traitor, and promises not to snitch as long as Dwight doesn't do anything to hurt the Saviors. Dwight in turn warns Eugene that the Sanctuary will fall and that all he has to do to be on the winning side is do nothing. Eugene goes into a tailspin throughout the episode, trying to decide whose side he will be safer taking: Negan or AHK? (That is the acronym he came up with for Alexandria, the Hilltop, and the Kingdom. I like it; it's snappy.)


We finally find out what the hell is going on with Gabriel. The doctor says he has an infection, maybe multiple infections. Again, I feel that his infections have come out of nowhere. Two weeks ago, he becomes violently ill in the span of an hour or two, with no visible sign of injury. A couple hours later, he is on his deathbed, and post-apocalyptic medicine can't tell us anything about his condition or how he got this bad so quickly. Adding insult to injury is the fact that this becomes an excuse for Gabriel to try to use his religion mind trick on Eugene. It doesn't work, except to annoy me.

Eugene also spends time with Negan, who assures Eugene that he is his #2, he is smart, and basically he is an asset to the organization. He gives Eugene a handshake, a sign of mutual respect, something few people are privy to.

Remember Tanya? She was one of Negan's "wives" who, when we last saw her, was trying to convince Eugene to make a cyanide pill they could give to Negan. That episode aired in February of this year. In that episode (or possibly her previous appearance, in December 2016), she asked Eugene to fix her boom box in exchange for a bottle of wine upfront, and a bottle on delivery. Well, she returns this week -- and it has only been a week! I know stuff doesn't move extremely fast in TWD, but Tanya's last appearance was nearly a year ago. Covering one week in TWD time over the span of a year reminds me just how slow the show has been as of late. (I cannot wait until we meet the Whisperers.)

Anyway, so Tanya comes back, wanting her boom box, but Eugene hasn't finished with it yet. This does give him an idea. He goes down to storage and gets Sasha's iPod from the coffin she was delivered in, and designs a brightly colored glider with the iPod and mini speakers attached -- the idea being to lure the walkers away from the Sanctuary so they can escape. Unsurprisingly, Dwight catches Eugene as he is about to launch the glider. After many long minutes of them threatening one another, Eugene launches the glider. Dwight threatens to shoot Eugene but wimps out and shoots down the glider.


It is around this time that Daryl and Tara are implementing their plan to hasten the destruction of the Saviors. Both Rosita and Michonne have pulled out, leaving Tara and Daryl on the ground and Morgan and the snipers up above. Lots and lots and lots of screen time amounts to Daryl putting a cinder block on the gas pedal and driving the truck into the building. The walkers squeeze in and quickly take over the bottom level of the Sanctuary. Luckily they can't climb stairs. Eugene has another plan to get out of the Sanctuary, which he takes to Negan (but doesn't share with the audience), and he seems about to rat on Dwight when Dwight and the other lieutenants come into the room. Eugene chickens out and says nothing.


Unfortunately, we have to deal with the trash people again this week. (My husband said that he feels like they are the future of hipsters.) Jadis threatens Rick by keeping him locked in a cargo container, naked, for long enough that he has a hard time adjusting to the sunlight when he comes out (but judging by the Tanya situation, it couldn't have been more than a couple hours). They take him out and plan to have him fight/be eaten by a zombie. Rick fights back, and easily frees himself of his captors. The zombie has a metal bucket on its head that is attached to a long pole. Rick grabs the pole and uses it to steer the zombie after the trash people, eventually ripping the zombie's head from its body. This was easily the most interesting scene of the week. Rick uses this to inform Jadis that he is leaving, and his people will be back to kill them if they don't join with him. After some terrible negotiations (Jadis initially wants all the Saviors' stuff; then she asks for half and nude photos of Rick. Rick is not negotiating and she settles for his original offer: one fourth), she finally agrees.


Once he gets his clothes back, Rick and some of the trash folk drive out to the Sanctuary to see how things are going. Rick is horrified to find that there is not a single walker outside the building.

Next week is the midseason finale. TWD usually does a good job with their finales, but in the preview for the episode, the narrator made mention of the "moment that everyone will be talking about." That kind of hype annoys me, especially after the heinous Season 6 cliffhanger. ("Who did Negan kill?")


What were your thoughts? Were you as bored as I was, or did you find something enjoyable about it? Did I miss something?

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