Things that are the same size as Tom Holland

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Last week was D23, Disney’s convention about upcoming releases, and at D23, there was a picture of all the Marvel actors on stage under the Infinity Wars banner. But something caught my eye.


Do you see it?


And that got me thinking.

What else is the same size as Tom Holland (and I guess by default, Mark Ruffalo)?

According to the internet, Tom Holland is 5'8".

The average duck is anywhere from 20-30 centimeters tall. That means 5-6 ducks in a trench coat (because obviously, they would be undercover) are about the same size as Tom Holland.


The Spider-Man Funko Pop Bobblehead sitting on my desk is 4 inches tall. So Tom Holland is as tall as 17 Spider-Man Funko Pop Bobbleheads.

1 Tom Holland = 45.3 1 ½ inch lego Spider-Man keychains.

This mini standee of Tom Holland is 2'1". Tom Holland is the same size as 2.72 baby Tom Hollands.

Jughead Jones is 6'0" (or at least Cole Sprouse, who plays Jughead Jones on Riverdale, is 6'0"), and his dog Hot Dog goes up to just under his shoulders. That makes Hot Dog 4'0" when standing on his hind legs? So Tom Holland is 1.4 Hot Dogs.

Also, Tom Holland is 11.3 actual hot dogs tall.

Lightsabers are on average an 11-inch hilt with a 3-foot blade. That means Tom Holland is approximately the size of 1.45 lightsabers.

Can you guess how many corgis you would need to get to Tom Holland height? Four. And one chihuahua.

You know what New York City has a lot of? Pigeons. Sky rats. Good feathers. Etc. The average New York City pigeon is about 8 inches tall. Tom is about 8 ½ New York City pigeons tall.

So, people can buy churros on the street (and … on the subway platform) in New York. They’re usually pretty big. I’d say about 11 inches? I may have eyeballed a churro on my way home. This is very scientific. So Tom Holland is basically 6.18 churros tall.

And finally, I’m 5'5". Tom Holland is 1.05 Preeti Chhibbers tall.


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