Think The Joker's not creepy enough? Here he is as a baby.

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Jan 17, 2020, 1:51 PM EST (Updated)

We were all duly impressed with the late Heath Ledger's Oscar-winning portrayal of the Joker back in 2008. He was funny, he was intense, and, perhaps most importantly, he was damn creepy. But as it turns out, a creepier version of the Joker does exist. Prepare yourselves for Baby Joker!

Yes, this is a real thing. And yes, you can own it for the low, low price of $108. The 1/6 scale doll comes from Asian toy manufacturer WorldBox, who thought it fitting to craft a number of amusing/terrifying advertising photos of Baby Joker toting guns, dropping his trousers and even holding hands with grown-up Joker.

The doll comes with two heads, so you can remove the makeup face now and then to take away some of the creepiness (because then it's just a baby with a gun). It also includes lipstick, a foundation brush, two diapers, two guns, a suit, gloves and a clown mask for pulling off pint-sized bank robberies.

Perhaps the icing on this cake of creepy, though, is the tagline on each of the advertising photos for the product: "Take Happiness Home." This thing might spell happiness for some people, but for the rest of us it just spells nightmares.

(7-Hobby via Comic Book Movie)