Think the San Diego Comic-Con is big? Think again!

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

The crowd at last month's San Diego Comic-Con International ranged from 125,000 to 140,000 attendees, depending on whose estimates you believe. Whatever that final number turns out to be, we didn't think it possible to get more fans together in one place without altering Earth's orbit.

That was until we heard of the mob scene over the weekend at Comiket, the world's largest handmade comic book fair, held twice a year in Tokyo. According to Sankaku Complex, the reported figure for total attendance during its three days this year was a whopping 560,000 (roughly 4.5% of the population of Tokyo), dwarfing what is generally considered the largest pop culture gathering in the world.

Better step up your game, San Diego—Tokyo has thrown down the gauntlet!