Is a third companion about to join Peter Capaldi in the TARDIS?

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May 15, 2014, 5:52 PM EDT (Updated)

Things might be getting a bit crowded in the TARDIS next season on Doctor Who.

We've suspected for some time now that Samuel Anderson, who'll play new character Danny Pink in the upcoming Who season, will be less of a guest star and more of a second companion to Peter Capaldi's Twelfth Doctor, alongside Jenna Coleman's Clara Oswald. Danny is a teacher at the Coal Hill School where Clara also teaches, and since the Coal Hill School is the same school where original Who companions Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright taught when they met the Doctor back in 1963, we can pretty safely guess that Steven Moffat and company are going for a parallel of Who's first season by putting two teachers in the TARDIS again. 

But there was a fourth part of that original Doctor Who gang: Susan Foreman, the Doctor's "granddaughter," who was a student of Ian and Barbara's at Coal Hill. Now we've got mounting evidence that Moffat's set to parallel that character too. A few weeks ago, Anderson posted this photo to his Instagram account:

Anderson referred to newcomer Ellis George as "my little sis" in the photo's caption. George was already known to be guest-starring in one episode of the new season, possibly as a student at Coal Hill, but a recent announcement of filming for a new episode also listed her, setting up at least two appearances on Doctor Who for her this season. So we've got a young actress apparently playing the sister of the character we all suspect is about to become a new companion to the Doctor, and she's making multiple appearances on the show. Is George's character set to be the Susan to Clara and Danny's Barbara and Ian? Are we set for a quartet in the TARDIS? We don't know for sure just yet, but the evidence certainly seems to be pointing us in that direction.

Doctor Who returns later this year.

(Via Doctor Who TV)

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