Third Falcon try

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Jul 30, 2008

Update (Saturday Aug 2): They are going to try for launch today! Go here for info.

Space X, a private launch company, is go for their third attempt to get their Falcon 1 rocket to orbit. The launch window is from August 1 - 5 -- it'll be webcast live, too! I'll post that link and a more specific date/time when I hear it.

Their first attempt to launch the Falcon into orbit blew up shortly after launch, and their second launch last year just barely didn't make it. These two problems have been fixed, so the launch team is hopeful they'll get to orbit this time. If they do, it'll be history: the first time a private company has designed, built, and launched a rocket into orbit.

I've written about Space X many times in the past, so you can catch up on them before this weekend's launch. You can read also more about this at Kimbal's Blog. He's Space X CEO Elon Musk's brother.

I really hope they do it this time!

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