This artist imagines our favorite superheroes (gasp!) as old people!

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Apr 29, 2019, 7:24 AM EDT (Updated)

Just because you can leap tall buildings in a single bound doesn't mean you aren't going to need your Centrum Silver before you do it.

Superheroes. They die all the time. But then they get reborn, rebooted, cloned, Skrulled, timelines get re-written, and parallel versions of the deceased show up. But what we see far less of is superheroes actually aging. But it happens to everyone, and so, inevitably, even Wonder Woman's boobs must hang low, wobble to and fro, be tied in both knots and bows, et cetera.

And that's the subject for DeviantART artist Lelpel in her series of aged heroes in which she takes some of our favorite heroes and realistically depicts them well past their prime.

Unsurprisingly, most of them make adorable old people. How happy would I have been growing up if Kitty Pryde were my bubbie? She'd phase us into the movies so we'd never have to pay, sneak past the lines at Disney, and her candy would never be brittle. Because Kitty Pryde is the best.

But feel free to enjoy the rest of these, too!

(via Kotaku)

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