This Batman themed hotel room will make you feel like the Dark Knight

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Mar 2, 2015, 5:31 PM EST

Holy Batcave, Batman! If you’re a Batman fan, and you also happen to be traveling to Taiwan, you have to stop and stay in this awesomely cool Batman-themed hotel room at the Eden Motel. 

Before we go on, the hotel room can apparently only be booked by the hour (hmm … make of that what you will, but it’s rather telling, isn’t it?), but that may not be enough to stop you from spending the night — if you’re so inclined. This room will sure enough make you feel as if you were the Dark Knight himself, toiling away in his very own Batcave in order to catch the bad guy, all from the comfort of your Bat bed.

The room boasts its very own Batman double bed. (Gosh, we really love the Batman logo that serves as a headboard. Can we have one?) You also have your very own Bat safe (a must), Bat mirrors, Bat posters, Bat TV, Bat knick-knacks, Bat tub (although this one is pretty Bat-disappointing, as it's just a regular tub), and something any Batcave worthy of the name must have: Its very own Batmobile! Do you think the hotel also have their own version of Bruce Wayne's trusty butler, Alfred Pennyworth?

If you’re not into Batman at all (but, why else would you be checking this out?), Eden Motel also offers other themed rooms, including a New York, New York jazz-themed suite and an Alcatraz room, which comes with handy handcuffs. Yep. It’s really that kind of a hotel. Have a look at the gallery below, and let us know what you think.

(via Yahoo!Travel)