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This Chewie doll with melt your Hoth heart

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Feb 17, 2018, 5:51 PM EST

Need a new co-pilot? New York Toy Fair videos have surfaced on social media of the newest and most cuddly of the Hasbro Star Wars toys: "Star Wars Ultimate Co-pilot Chewie."

This Chewbacca is a relatively large (16 inches tall) Wookiee doll made by the folks at FurReal Friends, which means that Han Solo’s best friend can now be yours, with all the roaring and loyalty that comes with.

The toy will retail for $129.99 this fall, missing Han’s standalone movie by a few months, and has all sorts of fancy interactions to warrant the price tag. In fact, I’ll let some of those in-person videos explain it so you can get a look at the adorable toy yourself:

Awwwwww. Not only does Chewie talk back if you chat him up, he also waves his arms around (remember to lose to him in Dejarik!) and groans with about 100 movement and sound combos. These can be activated by talking, pressing a button buried in his stomach fur, shaking him up and down (gently), petting his head like a dog, or flying him around like he’s the Millennium Falcon personified. Wookieefied?

This adorable model furball also snoozes if you put him on his side or rock him to bed -- eyes closed, snoring and all -- like the true hairy heartwarmer we know he is.

Again, be melted by the cuteness:

No wonder he’s the franchise’s go-to best friend -- to Han, Rey, Luke, Leia, or even Yoda -- when things get rough.