This child dressed as Pennywise from Stephen King's IT will give you nightmares

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Aug 28, 2017

The new adaptation of Stephen King's horror masterpiece IT doesn't hit theaters for more than a week, but anticipation for the film has been high for much longer. The trailers have been well received, the film's Comic-Con presence was strong, and news broke over the weekend that critics are actually really happy with the flick. That could spell a big September box-office haul for Pennywise and The Losers, but it's already spelling lots of fan hype online.

One of the great driving forces behind the film's buzz has, unsurprisingly, been Pennywise himself in the form of actor Bill Skarsgard. With his old-fashioned costume, alarming makeup design and truly devilish grin, he's become the film's mascot. His presence throughout the IT marketing campaign has already inspired plenty of fans to re-create the look in various ways, including Instagram user eag2n. He's got a talent for makeup and photography, so a Pennywise reaction was a natural fit. Then he upped the ante by making his Pennywise a cute little kid, namely his little brother Louie.

"He's actually quite adorable compared to his portrayal of Pennywise," he wrote. "So as you can tell, he's pretty serious about staying in character."

Indeed, Louie is quite adorable, but throw on a costume and some clown makeup, use photo editing to elongate his forehead and hand him some balloons and he becomes the world's most terrifying child. Check it out:

For more terrifying Kid Pennywise photos, head over to eag2n's Instagram page. IT arrives in theaters September 8. 

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