Doctor Who tango

This Doctor Who tango might be the most amazing thing in all of time and space

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Oct 27, 2018, 5:57 PM EDT

Yes, this actually happened. In this universe. On this planet. The British answer to Dancing With the Stars, BBC One’s Strictly Come Dancing, has gone all out for Halloween with a ballroom face-off in what could be the most geektastic costumes ever.

Journalist Stacey Dooley and professional dancer Kevin Clifton dazzled humans and aliens everywhere with an unearthly Doctor Who number that started with the Thirteenth Doctor (Dooley) busting out of a glittering TARDIS, because everything glitters on this show. It’s a reality TV dance competition. Come on. Time and relative dimension sparkling in space isn’t the only thing that just blew the mind of every Whovian on Earth.

The image on the floor is—what else—a giant swirling clock, and a million bonus points just went to this couple for that move that involves the Cyberman dipping his nemesis and then swirling her around like a human second hand.

You know they’re serious when you realize he’s willing to go for an entire minute and forty seconds with what could pass for a cybernetic attachment on his head.

So the beat of the theme did have to be slightly warped to actually allow for a proper tango, but that eerie ooo-weeeee-oooooo adjusts to the rhythm better than anyone would have ever thought (probably even the show’s producers).

This dance is obviously not the flirtatious type of thing you’d expect from a tango. Anyone who is even vaguely acquainted with the Doctor’s worst enemies knows it is clearly a struggle to the death between two characters who want nothing better than to destroy each other, though Dooley and Clifton managed to pull it off in the classiest way possible. She even beats him up. Sort of.

Unfortunately, the video cuts off when the music ends, so no one who didn’t watch it live has any idea what the judges’ verdict was. You can probably find spoilers on the the show’s website.

No shade to the glam take on the Doctor’s suspenders, but that flashy Cyberman costume is total #Halloweengoals.

(via io9)