This exclusive Midnight, Texas season finale clip will possess you

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Sep 15, 2017, 5:36 PM EDT

After dealing with murder, a vampire coven, the Sons of Lucifer, and ancient spirits that find humans especially tasty, Manfred shouldn’t have any issue with a few demons. He’s already dealt with enough demons — literal and otherwise — since he moved to Midnight. Except he’s never actually allowed them to possess him.

We’ve just gotten our claws on an exclusive clip from the season finale of Midnight, Texas, and everything he’s faced in the past is just Halloween compared to what he has to confront in Bobo’s haunted pawn shop. The place is already crawling with creepy dolls and enough strange artifacts to masquerade as a haunted house. More like confront, absorb and possibly become. Of course, this whole thing emerges from a prophecy, which “says a man of vision who can bridge the worlds of the living and the dead.”

Except it doesn’t specify what kind of dead.


Deals with the devil don’t usually come with fine print. Any warnings about possible eternal damnation are implied by the very nature of what Manfred is about to do. When letting earthbound demons infiltrate your body and possibly your soul is the only way to unchain them from their bonds and thwart even more potential evil, and you’ve been singled out as chosen one to do it, it’s probably best that there’s no contract.

You almost don’t believe anything is going to happen, that this whole prophecy thing is a sham, until shelves start to shiver, candle flames tremble and pitch-black ectoplasm spews from thin air and takes the form of entities that can only be described as skeletal phantom gargoyles with glowing red embers for eyes. It gets even better when Manfred swallows these malicious spirits like that one medicine you always dreaded taking when you were a kid and came down with the flu.

Warning: Watch and you will likely be possessed into tuning in for the finale of Midnight, Texas on Sept. 18.

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