KillMii Wii Altoids Tin

This guy crammed a fully-functioning Wii into an Altoids tin, and it’s as weird as it sounds

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Oct 6, 2018, 1:52 PM EDT

The active and slightly daft community of science geeks who push existing tech beyond its limits is alive and well, as one Reddit user recently demonstrated when, in a homebrew endeavor he jokingly admitted is “the worst thing ever,” he managed to jam the mangled guts of a poor Nintendo Wii console into a crudely modified Altoids tin.

Posting to Reddit under the handle of AlbinoBLK3sheep, the tech tinkerer said the Franken-Wii project was essentially a proof of concept; the punchline to a standing joke among modders that asks whether a piece of unwieldy gear can be shrunk down to the size of the ubiquitous breath mints containers.

“In our community the joke of ‘Can you fit it in an Altoids tin?’ has been a long-running joke — and with the Wii, it’s actually possible,” he explains in this demonstration video:

Shank Mods on YouTube

With a battery that lasts only 10 minutes, a homemade operating system, and tetanus-worthy input hole cutouts, the so-called “KillMii” poses a scary proposition as a serious gaming device, as its maker acknowledges. “This portable is not logical, comfortable, or practical,” he confides on the project’s community thread. “But it must be done... for the memes.”

Plus, the thing just works. The controls are full-featured, there’s a cooling fan, ports for every input that the Wii console packs in, and even infrared capability so you can hook up a sensor bar for the Wii Remote. And, you’re really getting two consoles for the price of one, because the KillMii also plays GameCube games.

That means you can theoretically complete the 40-hour campaign of the original Metroid Prime on this scruffy homemade handheld — you’ll just need to tell Samus to settle in and get comfortable...because her journey's gonna take you both a while.