Larzland's basement recreation of Disneyland's Fantasyland

This guy pretty much built Disney’s Fantasyland in his basement

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Sep 27, 2018, 3:25 PM EDT

What do you do if you don’t have enough pixie dust to fly you to Disneyland (or just can’t deal with the lines)? You get magically creative and build it in your basement like one Disney superfan.

So maybe the Youtuber who actually did this, Larzland, couldn’t actually put any rides in his underground space. You’ll only find the laundry room or a storage space behind the facade if you open one of those doors. Nobody really knows if he’s even for real, but if you believe what he says about having recreated parts of Fantasyland entirely by himself, he did an incredible job convincing the internet that this really is a part of the Magic Kingdom.

Larzland has managed to put the facades of iconic Fantasyland rides like (click the links to compare to the real deal) Snow White’s Scary Adventures, Peter Pan’s Flight, Geppetto’s Workshop, Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, and the Village Haus Restaurant in his personal theme park.

There’s more magic behind the scenes. Just in case the visuals alone don’t feel like an authentic enough experience, Larzland has made it possible to switch the lighting from daytime to nighttime mode. He also pumps the queue music for those rides—and even the sounds of tourists shuffling around—into his Disney-fied basement, just in case you miss the crowds.

This hidden Fantasyland was brought to life from, as Larzland says in the video, “leaded glass, woodwork, and concrete, to brickwork, paint and metal fabrication” and that “nearly every element and detail was researched planned and completed” with his own wizardry. He also figured out how to ingeniously use space to his advantage so he could fit a theme park in his basement without taking over the rest of the house. That’s some real bibbidy-bobbidi-boo.

So is Larzland for real? Towards the end of the video he does mention that he will be uploading a series of videos that will tell all about how he pulled this off. Oh, and this is still a work in progress, so who know what will appear the next time he waves his magic wand.

(via io9)