This guy proposed to his girlfriend by modding a game of Contra

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Jul 25, 2013, 5:35 PM EDT

Afraid to ask a girl to marry you? Have you tried the Konami Code?

Contra, at first glance, is not exactly the kind of game you might hear wedding bells while playing. So when we first heard about a gamer (who goes by the handle EquinnoxX) asking his girlfriend to marry him using the classic side-scrolling alien shooter, we were scratching our heads. On the surface, that seems pretty weird.

But let's think about Contra for a minute. It's a great game -- easily one of the five best of the 8-bit era. As fun as it is, though, what makes Contra great is the cooperative aspect. When I was a kid, playing Contra with my buddies was like a ritual. We'd start it up, plug in the 30 lives code, and plow through it. No matter how many times we beat it, it was still just as fun as the first time. Playing it alone, though? It's just not the same.

And maybe that's what EquinnoxX was driving at when he modded a copy of Contra so that, instead of the normal ending credits, there would be a proposal of marriage instead. Maybe he was saying -- life is fun, but it's not the same if I don't get to live it with you. It's still weird, but, for this former '80s kid, it's actually incredibly touching, too.

EquinoxX went through multiple carts to teach himself how to take apart and reprogram a NES game correctly. But he figured it out and, luckily for him, his now bride-to-be was willing to play Contra through to its completion. Can you imagine doing all that work and then having your girlfriend say, "Nah, let's play Ice Climbers instead"?

Check out the gallery below to see how it all came together. And remember, next time you want to get married -- 2 up, 2 down, left, right, left, right, B, A, select, start!

(via Kotaku)