This is how awesome Star Trek: The Original Series would've looked in cinematic widescreen

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Sep 9, 2014

What would happen if Star Trek: The Original Series had aired in epic, cinematic widescreen? This, and it’s absolutely gorgeous.

Like most television in the 1960s, the first Star Trek series aired in old-school 4x3 aspect television ratio, which doesn’t hold up really well in the age of widescreen and high definition. But one ambitious fan has taken advantage of some HD screen caps to stitch some makeshift widescreen shots together.

The results are stunning. He created the shots by waiting for the camera to pan and stitched the separate shots together, and tried to mimic the popular 1950s and 1960s Cinerama theatrical style, which utilized three synchronized 35mm projectors on a huge screen.

After seeing these mockup shots, we'd love to see Star Trek remastered in legit, cinematic style. Which is mostly impossible, considering that it was shot in 4x3, but still. It's amazing.

(Via Reddit, Nick Acosta)

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