This is (probably) what would happen if 20 T-Rexes fought 10,000 chickens

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Jan 19, 2021, 2:12 PM EST (Updated)

If you’ve ever wondered who would win between a crew of T-Rexes and an absolute army of chickens, we have the answer. Well, maybe?

Thanks to the Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator, a winner has emerged. Well, probably not, but it’s still a feat to behold. The simulation pits 20 T-Rexes against 10,000 chickens in a battle to the death. It takes a while, but the endless army of chickens escape victorious — though it’s a veritable chicken (and dinosaur) bloodbath. This obviously tries to average the amount of damage a chicken can inflict, then multiply it out, then factor in the stomping and thrashing of a T-Rex to set some averages for battle damage. Which is cool. Though it’s still hard to believe chickens could take out 20 T-Rexes, regardless of their numbers.

But, on the flip side, chickens can be pretty mean little critters. If they could organize like this, they’d probably be ruling the world by now. Forget apes — we need to be watching out for the chickens.

Check out the insane simulation below and let us know what you think:

(Via Geekologie)