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This is the giant robot that will represent America in a robo-battle with Japan

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Aug 4, 2017, 3:13 PM EDT

I wouldn't tease this titanic metal monster by calling it a "bucket' of bolts," as it may teach you the fine art of instant dismantlement. Gulp.

Eagle Prime is the newest iteration of Team USA's entry in the upcoming and long-delayed Japan vs America Giant Robot Duel. This robotic rumble between America’s MegaBots Inc. and Japan’s Suidoboshi Heavy Industries (SHI) came to a steel-crunching head last spring, and the epic match of the century was set for this month but has now been postponed until September.

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Playful insults have been lobbed back and forth across the Pacific Ocean, with hurtful taunts intended to bring the other cold-steel contestant into the arena for a brutal mecha showdown. Promoters in both camps came to an agreement two years ago to match up MegaBots’ 16-foot-tall Mark III in a fight to the death with SHI’s 9,000-pound KURATA megabot.

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Megabots Inc.'s colossal combatant is christened Eagle Prime and tips the scales at a terrifying 12 tons, seats two operators, is powered by a 430 horsepower V8 LS3 motor, and costs $2.5 million to build. Their new video shows the beast tackling an obstacle course, grinding over debris, and demonstrating its new high-powered air cannon.

This bot-bashing event is not open to the public, but fans can catch the damaging action on YouTube and Facebook.

Have a look and tell us if you'd like to drive Eagle Prime in some heavy commuter traffic!

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