This is what happens when a robot writes an episode of Friends

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:21 AM EDT (Updated)

It could often be said that sitcoms follow a certain formula, so one guy wanted to put that theory to the test. Literally. 

Cartoonist and software developer Andy Herd has put together an open-source learning software program and plugged pretty much every Friends script ever written into the system. Not surprisingly, the software picked up on some recurring themes (key words that often factor into the plot, the way each character seems to talk, etc.), though the end result often sounds positively insane (and hilarious).

But still, weirdly Friends-esque.

Believe it or not, some snippets of the dialogue actually work — and it’s a fascinating peek into how dialogue is written and the different syntax and speech styles used by different characters. Of course, much of it is pure gibberish (soap operas! muffins!), but it’s interesting to think that with some work (a good bit of work, admittedly), a machine could potentially crank out the same formulaic stuff that airs every week on prime time.

Check out some of the wacky script pages below and let us know what you think:

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