This is what happens when you use a fidget spinner in space

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Oct 17, 2017, 1:13 PM EDT

Fidget spinners are currently America’s trending toy, a simple device that spins on an axis. They require absolutely no effort, and many find them soothing. So what can make one of these little gadgets even more fidgety? A fidget spinner…in space.

NASA Johnson Space Center recently released a video of its astronauts aboard the International Space Station playing with one of these devices, and their spinning hijinx are hilarious. In what NASA calls a great experiment with Newton’s Laws of Motion, the spinner actually reduces the friction on its bearings by letting it float. The rate of the central ring and other spinner actually equalize, which makes for one heck of a fidget spin.

So we’re not just watching the spinny part rotate. We’re also watching the axis twirl, too. It's a feat that can't be replicated here on Earth without that pesky gravity dragging it down. And speaking of drag, there's very little of it, so expect to see some record-breaking spins.

It's yet more proof that everything is better in space. Check it out.

(Via GeeksAreSexy)